KELO ROBILE – as simple as toys
as powerful as industrial robots

KELO ROBILE is a collection of modular, industrial robotic components (bricks), which allow you to design mobile robot platforms with the performance of industrial mobile robots customized to your needs and applications in no time. All bricks have standardized sizes (full brick: 232 mm x 232 mm or half brick: 232 mm x 116 mm) and can be assembled with specially designed T-slot 8 fasteners, which are compatible and can be combined with the components of other aluminum system profile manufacturers.

ROBILE supports a wide variety of designs ranging from minimal configurations for educational purposes to rapid prototypes of full-fledged professional mobile service robot applications. The simplest and low-budget configuration, with one active wheel and two passive wheel, is not omnidirectional but still has a payload of 375 kg. Once more budget becomes available or requirements and tasks change, you can easily extend the configuration and add more wheels or other bricks to make your robot omnidirectional, provide more functionality, and carry larger payloads.

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